I’ve spent my life imagining and creating worlds for people to live. I become the characters. I live in their world. Their lives consume most of my time. Ultimately, living through these scenarios is my escape—a place where I can be selfish and hurt no one. So, a few years back, I started writing them down. The ones I cherish are the ones I want to share.

With that, I’m a new writer, and I’m currently seeking opportunities to publish. I’d like to see my short stories in literary magazines and longer stories as books. But, not only am I new, I don’t have the predictable background one expects—I’m an engineer.

So, I feel like I’m starting from scratch, because being an engineer doesn’t provide me with an “in, so to speak. I’m not familiar with agents, publishers, editing, journals, submission etiquette, and all the esoteric nuances that are a part of the traditional writer’s community. So, I started this site—my engineering notebook to help me (and you) figure this world out.

This is my journey. Cherry-pick what you like.